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Friday, July 9, 2010

Abbie Girl! The Superhero Surfdog!

Abbie Girl! The Superhero Surfdog!

This painting of the one and only infamous Abbie Girl the AMAZING surfdog will be up for auction at the AFTERCON 2010 Artshow. It is a 12" x 12" original giclee on canvas. Not familiar with Abbie? Check her out on HER website! She's truly AMAZING!!! http://www.abbiesurfs.com/abbiesurfs/abbie_girl.html
The AFTERCON show runs concurrently with San Diego’s Comic-Con International, July 22-24, from 8PM to midnight each day. For more about the show, visit:http:/ideaship.com/CAA/events_news/PRESS/sheldorf.html

The Shel Dorf New Talent Encouragement Fund was established in November 2009 by Shel's brother Michael Dorf to provide financial assistance to selected high school and college students who have a passion to work in the comics and animation fields. These grants and scholarships aid in the purchase of art materials, DVDs, and literature to inspire students, as well as assist with their art education tuition. Shel was a mentor to many aspiring artists who later became professional artists. As a comics historian and writer, Shel helped elevate the perception of the comic and animation fields to their respected place within the arts, as well as creating what is now known as Comic-Con International. Shel helped build a strong community of creators who share his same passion for the arts and generosity towards young careers on the rise.

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